California Charitable Nonstock Exempt Corporation

Charitable contributions to IRC 501(c)(3) organizations, except for testing for public safety organizations, are deductible by donors on their federal income tax returns as provided by IRC 170(a)(1).

IRC 509(a)(2) places a limit on the receipt of certain types of income to be regarded as a publicly supported entity. Inquiry Based Research Inc. normally receives more than one-third of its total support in each taxable year from the sum of: a. Gifts, grants, contributions, volunteer fees; and and b. Gross receipts from admission fees, sales of merchandise, performance of services, or furnishing of facilities, in an activity that is not an unrelated trade or business within the meaning of IRC 513.

Disclaimer: Inquiry Based Research. normally receives less than one-third of its total support from the sum of: a. Gross investment income, and b. Unrelated business taxable income less the tax imposed on that income.

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